The Acrofabulous Circus was first founded in 2002, by James Schubert, when asked to perform a static trapeze act in a local Vaudeville show in Chicago. From that point on, The Acrofabulous Circus went on to meet further requests for various circus acts including Silks, Spanish Web, Juggling, Acrobatics, Contortion, Comedy and much more.

Concurrently, Acrofabulous exists in order to share the joys of circus arts with the forthcoming generations. Acrofabulous has taught after school programs in many private and public elementary schools in the Chicago metro-area.

The Acrofabulous Circus continues to teach and perform because we believe in sharing the arts and skills seen in actual circuses with a live audience, and with the young and eager kids who want to learn.

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kids having fun at circus class in skokie